Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting Excited and Ready....

Well, we have about 5 weeks until we depart for The Gambia. These past few weeks we've gotten a fair amount accomplished including finding a renter for our house and resigning from our current positions!  Both tasks went extremely well and we've shifted gears to start packing, both for the move out of Austin, and for our time in The Gambia.

Our future address will be:

Ben/Kate Turner, PCT (after March 2011, we will no longer be trainees, so it will be PCV)
C/O Peace Corps/The Gambia
P.O. Box 582
Banjul, The Gambia
West Africa

Feel free to write or send care packages! We will go through a 10 week training period in country where we will receive intense language and cultural training, and afterwards we will be sent out to a village to start implementing our own projects. This address will be our mailing address the entire time we are in the Gambia. And please feel free to visit us while we are in Gambia, it is a diverse country with a lot to offer including national parks and beautiful beaches!

Ben's last day at work is December 15, and my last day is December 10 so for the next month our time will be spent in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. 

Here's a little itinerary for our holiday schedule:

Austin: now until Dec 16 (and possibly back for the birth of baby Archer)
Dallas: Dec 19 – 25, back on Dec 31 until we leave Jan 4
Houston: Dec 17 – 19, Dec 25 – 31

And if you are reading this...We'd love to see you before we leave :)