Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reasons and Reactions

Over the past few days at work, time has come to a standstill for me.  So, primarily to entertain myself but also to answer questions, I am giving a few reasons as to why we are joining the Peace Corps. And I am also relaying some of our 'peoples' reactions to our upcoming departure.

A few reasons why we decided to join the Peace Corps:

  • Unique Experience - We wanted to do something a little different in our lives before we  settle down.  The Peace Corps gives us an experience like no other. We looked into other options such as volunteering internationally with non-profits, but from a cost-effective, safe, and career aspect, the Peace Corps offers an experience that is above and beyond any other organization we found.

  • Mission - no, we don't expect to change the world or even our community, but taking time out of our lives to aid a community less fortunate than our own will benefit everyone in some way - right?

  • Adventure - As PCV's we will have ample opportunities for adventure - not sure this one needs any explanation!

  • Perspective - Living in a small rural community in West Africa is sure to change our perspective on food, needs, business, community, international development,

  • Language - Relating to someone in a different language is supposed to be a wonderful experience. And, who doesn't want to be fluent in an obscure African dialect?

We also received quite a variety of reactions with our decision to move to The Gambia. Here is a good sample of them:

  • Zambia? No, Gambia. Oh, okay, is that still in Africa?  

  • Oh Gambia...wait, what's A Gambia?

  • You know those people only listen to one thing right? Guns.

  • OK, a guy at our table has been to the Gambia. We have confirmation that it exists!

  • I thought you believed in capitalism not digging ditches in Africa.

  • The Gambia? Oh that's fabulous; they'll have a great time!

  • NO, you're moving?! To AFRICA?! Oh my lord, ya'll are crazy.

  • Thank you for your service to our country; it is a very noble cause.

(And the reaction that caused the blog title....)

  • Wait..Africa?! I thought you were joking!