Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gorillas in the Midst or Baboons in the Bush

Ben gave his details on his hunts and I will give mine! We have now both experienced our first hunting trips. Not too many toubobs can say their first hunting trip was executed out in the African bush.  We were hunting for baboons that were after some plants in the womens garden.  Not only that, but we were armed with ‘beating sticks’ that our friend Nuha had chopped for us a few minutes prior to the hunt with his machete.  Out of the 7 village men, one had a shot gun, and the rest of us had beating sticks. 

We walked in the direction of the baboons; heard rustling in the woods and tried to surround them. About 50 meters away we saw a male baboon beat his chest and display his dominance to us.  It was incredible; it was also after that moment that I nominated myself to be the official village hunt photographer. (women aren’t invited on hunting trips, and its not that I want to kill anything – I just want to take awesome pictures ).  It was also another great ‘I live in Africa’ moments. 

Baboons are dangerous but we felt safe with 7 Africans, a shot gun, and several handmade beating sticks. I would’ve probably cried if they had actually shot one because they are such interesting, smart animals and I was very satisfied with the outcome of the hunt.  Although, we have heard that baboon meat is pretty tasty from other volunteers.  

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  1. Kate, I cannot believe you went baboon hunting and had a beating stick for "emergencies." We miss you guys. Lots of love, The Marrs