Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stories from 3 month challenge

I could say we did a great job of completing all our 3 month challenge goals, but alas, we did not set any.  Looking back, I think our main objectives for our first 3 months were to:  1. Survive 2. Stay healthy 3. Get settled 4. Hang out with Gambians 4. Grow/build things 5. Get information about future projects
Based on that assessment, I’d say our 3 month challenge was a great success. I do feel we have better integrated in the village, improved our mandinka, and managed to grow/build things. Over IST, we heard some great stories of other volunteers 3 months.  Jen attained 4 cats during her 3 months and all died except one.  She also painted a mural on her round hut in village. Seth had the following things happen to him in a span of 4 days: phone stolen by small boys, 102 fever, kitten mauled by tom cat, and he was bitten by a dog.  He was also out in the bush and was chased down by a larger herd of baboons; he said he was scared for his life. Mike (or Big Fo as our counterpart Solo named him) killed the deadliest snake in the Gambia, a puffadler, skinned it, and ate it.  Remy bought huge bags of coos and beans because he was going to cook all his own meals, a task no one was going to attempt.  Once at site, he quickly discovered he had no idea how to cook coos and/or beans and in hast gave it all away to his family.  Apparently, Remy was looking pretty thin around month one.

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