Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We got the opportunity to celebrate for the first time the muslim holiday of Tobaski.  The holiday consists of washing a goat/ram/cow and sacrificing it, and eating it until you run out of meat – about 5 days later.  Everyone prays, then the men and boys play football and the women and kids get dressed up and walk around town asking people for money or prayers.  I chose prayers and started getting creative by making up my own mandinka prayers.  I figured out that if you say the words Allama (may God) and then follow it with anything, pretty much the other person has to respond with Amin.  I prayed for money, wives, husbands, dogs, rice, medicine. Oh, it was well received.  The Spainards also came out to the village to celebrate Tobaski so we split our time between our family (rice and goat meat) and a Spainish BBQ (chicken, chorizo, cheese, and vegetables).  If I had to sum up this holiday in 3 ways it would be: ram slaughter, waxy fabric, and fake hair.  And of course, we took some pictures….
Tobaski, Ben is wearing his gift from President Jammeh

Musekebba lookin good!



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