Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You go where?

So as not to disturb our friends, family, and random blog readers – we wanted to let you know that it may be awhile before our next entry.   January 12, we are traveling to Dakar, Senegal for West Africa International Softball Tournament (WAIST) with Peace Corps volunteers from all over West Africa.  Afterwards we are meeting my parents in Tanzania, and then my parents will come back to Gambia with us for a week.  Right after my parents leave, Ben will be going to America for his ‘little’ brothers wedding (Congrats again Andrew and Sarah!). That said, the reason for the future blog hiatus will most likely not be due to illness, death, or natural disaster (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise), but because we will be traveling around Africa!

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  1. Kate!

    Danny and Pam! We miss you! And Ben I guess..........Are you guys having fun? Brandon is getting married June 30th to some weird girl. HA! Stormy says hi as well. Wish you guys could come to the wedding. It is in Florida which is just next door to the Gambia. You guys maybe hop on a train? Well hope all is well and nice job with the bees. Bring back some honey.

    Pam and Danny