Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Library and Resource Center

The work on Berefet’s newest and only library is almost complete.  We received the money from FROGS and started work before I left for Senegal.  Upon my return, the mason work was completed!  The project went extremely well, with receipts and all money accounted for.  There are horror stories of working with Gambian contractors and village workers to complete building projects and I was extremely happy that it went so well.  FROGS executive director, Sally Reader, came out to see the work on Thursday and she was very pleased too.  The teachers and students made several signs and held them up for her and her husband upon their arrival.  They all chanted ‘welcome, welcome’ and it was a lot of fun for everyone.
 The next phase will be to replace the roofing, paint, build shelves and desks, and buy large mats to put on the floor.  And then my real work will begin of managing, and teaching a Gambian how to manage a small library.  And thanks again to those who have sent or are sending us books! They are often the best ones the school has, and people here really do enjoy looking at / reading them.  And know that people here do enjoy your gifts and your generosity is appreciated.

Fixing the House

Mason work completed, its Nice!

Thank you!

Taking the books out of the closets

Waiting for Sally outside the gate

Welcoming Sally

Another unanticipated activity I’ve been doing at the school recently has been helping the kitchen ladies fix some food sent to us from America!  My friend Lauren Grayson, and her middle school students from Irving Texas, sent our school a large box full of mac & cheese, ramen, and other food they raised together at their school.  We had days where I would help prepare the food for the school.  They were all happy to eat food from America! It was a lot of fun and some of the kids really liked the food while others…not so much.  Thanks again Lauren!

Eating Mac n Cheese

Biggest pot of Ramen noodles I've ever seen

She liked it.

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