Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rainy Season / Ramadan

We have now reached the time of year in the Gambia where our sahalian, sub-tropical savannah shrubland turns into a tropical forest.  And this year is different because it is raining a lot! This is nice because it cools off faster and the rain is a nice change from the hot hot sun.  However, with the added rain come added creatures.  There are a lot more bugs this year than last year!  And you have to be more vigilant where you walk and grab.  Last week, I was taking our laundry off the local palm stalk fence and almost grabbed a green snake taking a nap under a pair of Ben’s shorts.  I told the old man walking by to be careful, a snake is here.  He looked down and quickly decapitated it with the machete he was holding.  It was just a common bush snake though, we are lucky not to have seen cobras or puff adders like other volunteers.

It is dead

Samba, our neighbor, helping his Moms collect firewood

We have also just entered the month of Ramadan.  Ramadan is nice for us because we get a good meal of noodles, spam, oil, and onions for “break fast” right after sunset.  Break Fast is supposed to be really delicious meals, usually with tea.  For our village that means noodles and canned meat, and we are not complaining!  Neither of us are observing the fast, but we don’t eat or drink in front of anyone in our village during Ramadan.

Shierrifo, Binta, Alpha and me enjoying some rainy day popcorn

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