Monday, October 1, 2012

Village Olympics

We thought we would not be able to see the majority of the Olympics this year, so we decided to bring the Olympics to Berefet! (As it turned out we got to see a lot of the Olympics, but Berefet Olympics was fun anyhow).  The people of Berefet didn’t know what the Olympics were so they were pretty confused, but they had fun with it anyway, especially the children.  We had fun going around and getting kids to help us with our little Olympics.  Enjoy!

Sana is in lane 4

But failed to make it to the Semi's

Binta did so well on balance beam / water pump style

Samba may be my favorite weight lifter

And its up! Go Samba!

Foday on Javelin

Our shot put Ebrima didn't enjoy the games as much

Donkey equestrian anyone?

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