Monday, February 11, 2013

Saying Good-bye

As our time here is quickly coming to an end, we started saying our good-byes.  Good-byes are always hard, and here it is especially hard because we never know when we will see people again. We went back to our village to say good bye and it was bitter sweet.  We are very excited to leave but the thought of not being able to see people again is sad. There are a lot of things about life here that we wont’ miss: being a ‘toubab’, eating rice, transportation, heat, lack of education, lack of equality for women, some cultural practices.  However, there are also things we will miss: 

Wonderful people
Ridiculous, funny stories
The Beach
Peace Corps community
How anything goes – (Examples: A Gambain has a phone that the digit 0 doesn’t work on it.  So what does he do?...he doesn’t call people that have the digit 0 in their number)
Lack of American stress – no bills, no traffic jams, etc
Free to choose our work

As we are leaving the Gambia in 3 days, this will be our last blog post.  Thanks for reading and most importantly thanks for the support! We’ll see ya soon!

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