Friday, May 20, 2011

3 years have gone by

We have officially been married for 3 years now! Hooray, and to celebrate we broke our 3 month challenge and went to a resort called Coco Ocean for a night.  It was amazing; you should be jealous. But remember that our normal lives here consist of no running water, no current, and….we still poop in a hole.  So don’t be too jealous.  The resort offers a Peace Corps discount so it wasn’t too bad. The resort was the nicest hotel either of us had stayed at.  We always feel a bit out of place at really nice places like that, and speculate on how we are allowed inside.  We tried to slow down when eating, but the baskets of bread and danishes would disappear within minutes of the waiter bringing them to us. Ha, it was hard to hide the fact that we hadn’t had anything so delicious since leaving the state’s 4 months ago! We had a great time and hope to return for a longer stay.

Coco Ocean!

We also went to visit another volunteer at her site for her birthday.  Her site is really great.  She is a 10 minute walk through nice compounds and gardens to the beach, and her compound has current , a tap, tv, a big garden, rabbits, and a guard dog named John. Her dad is an immigration officer and did a year peace keeping mission with the U.N.  Her compound is so nice I would live there in Texas – it actually reminded us a little bit of East Austin. It also shows just how different Peace Corps services can be, even in the same country.   6 other volunteers joined us for a day at the beach, and we made eggs, pancakes, and chips and salsa. The beach by her village is almost completely deserted and so beautiful! There is a nice eco-lodge that we walked to as well and got some drinks. It was a really nice time sharing with each other our first six weeks trials and tribulations.
Hanging out on the beach under the bantaba!

Ben, Mike, and Xander at Gunjar Beach

This little guy stole a mango outside our hotel room!

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  1. So glad you guys got to do this, happy 3 years!