Friday, May 20, 2011

Solo's Love

Solo is 25 and is now starting to seek a wife.  He is going about it and a different way then we are accustomed to and its pretty great to witness. During our KOMFFORA trek, a girl from another village was there and he was trying to win here over which was wonderfully entertaining for us! When her name was announced at a meeting, he leaned over and whispered to us that her last name would soon be Sanyang (his last name).  He has us continuously laughing at his flirtations throughout those 2 days.
So when they were leaving, he tells me during our meeting that he wants me to tell her that he loves her.  I said that I think it should be him to do so and he said No he already did so now I needed to tell her too.  I told him that if the opportunity arose, I would but it may be better to wait until later.  But as we were walking to their car, he says loudly “Howa, come here, Kaddy has something she wants to tell you”. And I am forced to tell this girl that solo loves here – 7th grade style.
Judging by her lack of communication with Solo following my declaration f his love on his behalf, I’m going to guess this one might not work out.  But never fear, Solo has 2 other options on his list.  Inshallah, one will work out.  Solo has proposed to one but hasn’t heard a response yet.

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