Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bush Meat Reviews

Peace Corps Gambia has a bimonthly newsletter and last month they did hamburger reviews which included volunteer reviews of delicious hamburgers on their trips home to America, Morocco, or anywhere that has delicious hamburgers. I read these reviews and said NO, this is not right; I am not eating a hamburger right now…I am eating bread and peanut butter and will not eat a hamburger from Black Sheep Lodge (blue cheese buffalo burger) for another 2 years, Inshallah! So, in order to read about items I could eat in the not-so-far away future, I helped out with this month’s newsletter and compiled a list of ‘bush meat’ reviews.  And I figured I would share it with America because you civilized people are most likely not eating lizards.  Here are some various volunteer reviews of bush meats they have eaten thus far:
Dr. Bakary’s Baboon Blunder
Just like Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music” Baboon ain’t a bush meat for everyone. I have heard past references to it being the root of all diseases. It’s a tough tough meat that was still tough after hours of cooking, but it has protein… and in the end that’s what really matters. I recommend making Baboon Stew with some random veggies and noodles. Hits the {emaciated} spot! You can even make the small boys happy with the leftovers. Seriously, they friggin’ loved it!
Yaya Drammeh’s Hot Meat Injections
Hyena – quite gamey, again worth a revisit. I would definitely request a paw from it for your animal foot collection. B +
Tamba J. Talks Bush Meat
Hyena with grilled onions – Tasty as all hell. Not too gamey, has a beef texture to it. Highly recommend it.
Bush Pig – Fantastic. Best if butchered yourself (less bone fragments). Try to get the hindquarters. There will be a lot of meat so extra should be boiled and set aside. The meat is best cubed and sautéed with garlic and hot peppers. Use in sandwich or add to any pasta or rice dish.
Mortimer Baye’s Bush Meat Zagat Knock-Off
Pelican – Very tasty, kinda fishy. The bones are hollow and have lots of marrow. A ++
Otter – meat is tender and its kinda gamey. When a hunter brings them to you skinned, they kinda look like cats. A +
Monitor Lizard – Very slimey, kinda tastes like chicken. When my family serves it, the skin and claws are still attached. C
Sana Talks Stingray
Sting Ray – When compared to challo, it’s an A+, but what isn’t? While still fishy, it has decent flavor with some actual meat on the bone, and it peels like string cheese. A note of caution: Sharpen your cutlass and have a small boy chop it apart. It’s like hacking at a turtle shell. B –
Weird Meats that Kaddy Is Not Fond of (At All)
Cows Foot – terrible. It may have had something to do with the fact that it was covered in a nicely pounded green slime. I swallowed part of the foot under the impression it was a vegetable, and later found out it was actually a foot. Thanks for the good times Yuna. F

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