Tuesday, August 23, 2011

End of school party

The school year ended mid-july with a party.  The president of Gambia gave 10,000 dalasi (about 400 USD) to schools that came out to greet him in a neighboring village. This money could not be used for any other purpose except to have a party for the school. So our village women cooked up a great meal of chicken, pasta, potatoes, and the VIPs (heck yes we were VIPs) at the party got some grape sodas. We were also asked to help present awards to the students.  It was a nice party and our principal designed the ceremony and party so that the kids parents could come and watch students get awards.  He said he was trying to promote positive affirmations, which is very progressive for Gambia.  Everyone had a good time and later on in the night the party provided a disco too.

Other VIPs

Headmaster giving instructions

Sana giving instructions to small boys


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